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5 Times You Shouldn’t Send Flowers

Have you ever had that moment when you’re thinking of sending flowers to someone and then you stop and think, “hmmmm maybe this isn’t the time”. We’ve been working in same day flower delivery for awhile, so we feel pretty confident in saying that we have some experience. From thrown flower bouquets, to garbaged rose deliveries, to torn bouquets of daisies; we’ve seen it all. A gift from us here at Send Flowers USA to you, we share with you five situations in which you should probably skip that flowers delivery or simply rethink how you send flowers.

When You Breakup With Someone

Some of you thought it was a good idea to send flowers to break up with someone. Thinking of sending breakup flowers? It’s fine to send apology flowers after a breakup, sometimes it’s a nice way to remain friends. However we are referring to when you send flowers specifically to breakup with someone. We don’t recommend the breakup bouquet. Why you may ask? Anyones initial first reaction upon hearing they have a free flower delivery is that of elation and delight! So imagine running happily to your front door to receive a beautiful red rose bouquet of romantic flowers, and then opening the message card to find out that your love is breaking up with you. For the sake of broken hearts everywhere, and also our delivery specialists who have to witness it, please wait to send flowers after the initial breakup. Sending flowers afterwards is a nice way to give yourselves some closure and a basis for building a friendship.

Best flowers to send AFTER a breakup


Late Anniversary Flowers

A lot of men like to send flowers to celebrate their anniversary with their wife. We love seeing men who order flowers for the wife. It’s romantic and such a sweet gesture. What we don’t like seeing and typically don’t find out until delivering the flowers, is when they’ve missed the correct anniversary date by a week or more. After your lovely wife signs for her delivery and opens her message card, do you know what happens?

Woman throwing flowers away because anniversary flowers delivery was late

That’s right. You’re lovely anniversary flowers get tossed right outside or are, as we like to call it in the office, “garbage dumped”. Don’t judge her too harshly husbands, she’s only that mad because she loved you enough to care about the exact date. Keep that in mind as the silver lining. In all seriousness though, don’t miss that important anniversary delivery date. It will not go well for you.


Best anniversary flowers to send on time

When The Recipient Is Allergic To flowers

Man whose allergic to flowers from send flowers com

It happens sometimes if you don’t know the correct flower to send. If you want to send flowers to a colleague or new work friend, it never hurts to ask around the office to make sure they’re not allergic to any particular flowers. We’ve hardly seen this happen, but it never hurts to take a few minutes to inquire just in case. Some people have highly sensitive allergies, so just double check with their friends if you don’t know them well enough yourself. Whoever works in their same office space is sure to have noticed if they are sensitive to certain elements. If you’re not sure then send an orchid plant because they are very lightly fragrant and perfect for anyone who has allergies.

Perfect for people with allergies!

When It’s The 3rd Bouquet With No Response


Whether you’re trying to get a lost love back or tell someone you like them, that’s a great time to send flowers! Anyone appreciates a one time bouquet of beautiful flowers, just don’t send three flower bouquets or more. If you’ve already sent two rose deliveries and still not received a reply, then it’s best to wait before sending more. If you send too many bouquets it may start to make them feel uncomfortable. Patience is a virtue and some people are shy, give them time!

When They Have A Trip & Have Pets


Sometimes people like to send bon voyage flowers. We love it, keep it up! Plant deliveries are perfect for sending to someone who is leaving for awhile. They just need a little water when the recipient gets back and they perk up and continue to be beautiful. The only time we don’t recommend it, is when the person in question has pets. In particular if they have cats. Our precious animals and beloved pets need time to adjust to new things in their space, and they love dirt and anything they can climb into. To avoid this scenario, send a plant delivery directly to their office so that they won’t have to risk plant annihilation by form of beloved cat.

Perfect plant delivery for pet lovers!

Please share with us your funny flower stories! If you’ve had a flower delivery surprise you, please tell us how or share this funny flower post with your friends and enjoy a laugh on us. Thanks for reading!

Goddess Iris and iris flowers named after her.

The Greek Goddess Iris and Her Iris Flowers

How many of you knew that Iris flowers were actually named after the Greek Goddess Iris? A beautiful purple iris flower with very intricate petals, dark purple hues, and an open almost abstract shape when fully bloomed. This ancient Greek flower has a story, and that story is that of the goddess Iris. Who was she, and what did she do?

The greek goddess Iris and the flowers named after goddess
From Flickr Creative Commons Uppity Rib.

According to Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of rainbows and is often considered a messenger goddess as well. When looking at Greek statues, she is often depicted with a tool for watering plants. She is also seen in artworks wearing bright colors and rainbow hues. This makes a lot of sense if she’s considered to be the rainbow goddess. While there aren’t particularly famous stories about Iris, she is definitely mentioned throughout Greek history and has her own historical significance in mythology. The name Iris means quite literally “rainbow”.


Greek rainbow from rainbow goddess iris, from send flowers
From Flickr Creative Commons Christos Tsoumplekas.


Iris Flower Meaning

If you’re shopping for iris bouquets, you may notice that the most frequent and readily available iris discount flowers are all a dark purple hue that almost looks blue. That’s because purple iris flowers have become the most common and most requested iris flower color. However if you were to look into an iris flower garden, you would see that there are numerous iris shades and different colors of iris flowers.

Different types of iris flowers, different iris flower colors
Different types of iris flowers, different iris flower colors.

Though there isn’t 100% historically accurate proof that this is why the iris flower was named after the Greek goddess Iris, there are enough texts and artworks that make it an acceptable belief, that this is why the flower has its name. Iris, the goddess of the rainbow, colored the world with beautiful hues and nurtured the land with her watering vessel(which looks different via different works of art). It’s through her plant and earth nurturing that people were gifted with these rich hues and colors from her rainbow. The iris flower, featuring an exotic array of hues and with such a wide span color variety, is the perfect flower to be named after the goddess Iris. If you think of it this way, the iris flower is one of many exotic flower species benefiting the most from her rainbow array of colors.

We wont wonder about whether or not Iris exists or has ever existed for that matter, but we will hold on to the idea of the romantic flower that she represents. If we’re going to send a lover flowers or make a grand gesture for a loved one in the family, how better to say it than with a bouquet of iris flowers fit for a goddess. We think that’s something no woman or man wouldn’t enjoy, especially with a hand written letter. If you want to make a grand romantic gesture, this is the ideal flower delivery for your love.

If you have thoughts about the Iris flower or Greek mythology comment below, tell us what you think. If you plan to send someone iris flowers, send them this link so that they can hear the history of the iris flower and the goddess of whom it was named after. Thank you for reading our flower blog post and please visit again for more information about flowers and great ideas for flower delivery!

Flickr Commons currystrumpet.

Labor Day Party Ideas

The first Monday of September every year, we celebrate Labor Day, a holiday dedicated solely to the American workers as a day of rest and appreciation. It’s true that Labor Day has it’s own historical significance, but what most of us think of when we hear “Labor Day”, translates solely to “day off from work”. While half of you are more than likely going out of town, the rest of you will be hanging out at home with your family, or hosting a great outdoor party before Summer completely closes it’s door.

Labor Day Party Idea List

In the good spirit of celebrating what may very well be the last days of Summer, we are sharing with you some of our favorite Labor Day party ideas! From Labor Day food, to Labor Day decorations, and even Labor Day Flowers. Read on to see our favorites!

Simple Flower in a Cup

From CreativeCommons Sarah-Rose

If you’re hosting a party at your home or you’ve rented a space, a great way to decorate for labor day without spending a lot of money is to set an individual cup on each table with a single flower in it. You can be creative and use different tea cups for each table, or even a coffee cup per table. Cut your flowers, no need to purchase long stem roses for this idea, and set them in the cup so that they just cover the top. It’s an elegant flower setting that’s inexpensive and super easy. Don’t worry about buying premium flower bouquets for this, simply purchase some discount flowers to use for this micro mini table bouquet.

Cookie Dough Brownies

From CreativeCommons jamieanne.
From CreativeCommons jamieanne.

Maybe some of the easiest and most delicious treats to ever grace the Labor Day party dining table, these Chocolate brown cookie dough Reese’s desserts are to die for. Everything is prepackaged, you can literally just throw it together and bake it. Buy some brownie mix, packed raw cookie dough, and Reese’s Cups along with whatever is needed on the backs of those packages. Pre-heat your oven to 350, and in a brownie pan or muffin pan, put in half of your brownie mix. Now flatten your cookie dough and place that on top of the brownie mixture in the pan. Next put crushed Reese’s Cups on top of that, and then top with the other half of the brownie mix. Bake according to the brownie box directions and whatever pan you chose, and viola!

Wrapping Paper Star Decorations

Labor day party ideas and easy DIY decoration.
From FlickCommons/ruthdaniel3444

For some easy hanging star decorations, simply take some cardboard, or any kind of stiff material you have laying around that can be cut; and cut out giant star shapes. Then take wrapping paper in fun American themes, or red, white, and blue colors; and cover the stars. Just tape, glue, or staple them from behind, and tack or tape the stars to your ceiling or wall. If you cover both sides and use light enough material then you can even hang them from the ceiling. These make great decorations, and typically you can use whatever is just laying around the house to get the job done. An easy DIY Labor Day decorations idea.

Rent A Water Slide

From CreativeCommons City-Wide Party Rentals.
From CreativeCommons City-Wide Party Rentals.

Yes! Why not rent a water slide for adults and children. Talk about taking your Labor Day bash to the next level. If you’re doing an outdoor event with family and friends, send out invitations saying, “bring your swimsuit!” and make sure to have plenty of extra towels for guests. You can pay a service to come to your home, and literally blow up a water slide in your backyard. Now how much fun is that? There’s no point in doing too much more with party decorations when you have an epic water slide in your backyard. No one will be looking at your table decor, they’ll be having too much fun playing the the sun.

Giant Teacup Flowers


These flowers in a teacup are some of our favorite flower decorations for parties. Depending on your party space, or the event theme that you want to decorate for, you may find yourself wanting a more elegant look for your Labor Day party. If you’ve invited friends from work, or you’re meeting several new people for a PR event, these teacup flowers are any easy way to host an elegant summer party. If you have your heart set on using these giant teacups as your decoration floral centerpiece, their easy to find. If you’re tight for time and just want it done, you can order flowers online for around $35, and there are some stores that carry large glass teacups. Big Lots is known for carrying neat and somewhat random containers like that. You can also look for unique flower vases at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. These table decorations are usually pretty cheap, just make sure that purchasing the decorations and buying flowers doesn’t end up costing you more than if you’d just used a cheap flower delivery service.

Labor Day Sailor Hats


Order sailor hats online for guests!  You can order a whole dozen for $22.99 from and pass them out to your guests. After all, Labor Day is a day to celebrate the hard working Americans who built this country, so why not honor some of your American sailors in a way that’s fun even for the kids by wearing fun themed sailor hats at your Labor Day extravaganza. You won’t be able to keep people in them all day, but they should last long enough to get some really interesting pictures.

Water Container Sunflower Arrangement

Left from CreativeCommons Kris & Fred
Left from CreativeCommons Kris & Fred

What can we say? Sunflowers are the Summer Flower. They look beautiful, make us think of outdoor days in the garden, and they can take the sweltering heat. If your Labor Day party is going to be outdoors and you want real freshly cut flowers at your event, think of Sunflowers as your best friend. Leave these summer flowers outside with some water, and they will bask in even the hottest of Summer heat. For a fun take on a summer flower favorite, send flowers to your home for cheap and then place a handful of those giant sunflowers in a watering can for a very casual “things I just had hanging around” look.

Front Door Plants Display

From Creative Commons Terence Faircloth.
From Creative Commons Terence Faircloth.

For those of you who are too busy to build decorations yourself, or who just want to sit back and enjoy your last days in the sun. Plant delivery is a great option. The fastest way to set the mood for your party is by decorating the first thing people will see, in this case your front door. Display large plants, or many various plants at your front door to create a sense of ease and comfort as you welcome guests into your home.

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed our article please share it! Have a Happy Labor Day!

amazing flower photos from send flowers com

11 Absolutely Stunning Flower Photos

Beautiful Flowers Photos

We figured it’s been Summer long enough now that some very new and interesting beautiful flowers photos should have popped up for us to scour and share. After an extensive and long search into several new flower photos and flower photography media sites, we discovered these photogenic flowers.

Beautiful Pictures of Flowers

All of these photography shots of flowers are unique is some aspect whether it’s the lighting, hue of the flowers, the care that someone took of flowers, or simply because they were unusual and striking. Share these beautiful pictures of flowers with friends and let us know which are your favorites!

The venus fly trap


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/Kirt Edblom

Behold, the venus fly trap. Famous for it’s snapping jaw and also because of the infamous villain Poison Ivy, this lethal little plant was shot so beautifully we had to include it. Admit it, it’s beautiful and if you didn’t know what it was, you would probably put your face right in it to take a whiff. This venus fly trap photo was one of our top favorite choices for this beautiful flowers photos post.

White daisy photography

White daisy flower arrangements and white daisy photographyPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/anguskirk

The obvious choice for white daisy photography, these white daisies at the nave of Winchester Cathedral for the 2013 Flower Festival are simply divine. White daisies cover the entire floor and set an almost ethereal mood. How many bouquets of daisies would you have to order to fill a space like that? We shudder to think.

Yellow roses photo

Bee garden with red roses and yellow rosesPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/sevendipity

This busy bee garden display featuring yellow roses and red roses was an absolute must for our beautiful flowers photos list. We’ve been working in flowers for years now, and this was a brand new take on the term “bee garden”.

Sunflower photography

Gorgeous sunflower photography photo at send flowersPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/skyseeker

During our search beautiful sunflower images were plentiful, but this one stood out amongst the hundreds. Not only are these sunflowers really beautifully shot, but the natural setting they’re in and the rich colors throughout made this sunflower photo a true luxury for the eyes. Now that’s a sunflower arrangement we’d like to work on.

Tulips garden photo

yellow and red tulips photo at send flowersPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/nathanhamm

We checked out everything from tulips garden images to where tulips grow to find interesting photos, and this tulip garden photo stuck us as different. This was taken in Mount Vernon WA. The difference between the vivid tulips and the slightly darkening sky puts a flowers struggle to survive into perspective. Of the many pretty tulip pictures we liked this one best.

Images for lilies

Orange lily photos from send flowers onlinePhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/dyhna

We fell in love with these orange lilies. Of the lilies there were so many lily images to pick from, but this striking orange lilies photo hit home. Lilies already require great care, but these enriched and bright hued orange lilies required some love, and we can appreciate that. Simply gorgeous. We tip our sun hats to you dear gardener.

Weird flowers

Weird flowers and unusual flowers from send flowers onlinePhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/moriza

What are these weird flowers? We don’t know, but they’re unusual flowers and unique flowers with very interesting roots and stems. These unusual looking flowers struck our fancy because even though they aren’t necessarily beautiful flowers, we couldn’t help but stare.

Purple plants for the garden

Uk Garden photos and beautiful purple flowers photographyPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/ukgardenphotos

These purple flowers in a UK Garden were must features for us. This wooded area is packed to the brim with gorgeous purple flowers for the garden. It’s a real place, but it’s so lovely it’s seems surreal. We wanted to show pictures of violet colored flowers, and this was a top choice. This garden looks like a place where magical things happen.

Purple roses

Lilac coloured roses and cheap flowers from send flowersPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/andrewdallos

Purple roses and lilac roses will always be a house favorite. They’ve always been popular, but the orders for purple flowers has greatly increased even within the last year. Purple flower photos were bountiful, but this purple flower bouquet was everything we could’ve hoped for.

Climbing red rose varieties

Red rose tree and red rose bush climbing a wallPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/cheesy42

This red rose plant photo was chosen because of it’s bold white background and quaint setting. This beautiful red rose photo features a rose plant that’s climbing a wall in Great Wishford. Red roses can be hard to grow and someone has taken great care of these lovely ladies.

White calla lily photo

Single calla lily photo or single white calla lilyPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/andrewdallos

This white calla lily photo was simply stunning, featuring a rich green background and single white calla lily. A calla lily bouquet is one of the few flower arrangements that always manages to look pristine and exact, while looking richly exotic. We looked at several white calla lily photos and this one reigned supreme.

If you liked our beautiful flowers photos post please share it with friends! Thanks for reading.

Fourth of July Table Decoration Ideas

4th of july table decoration ideas

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to make this one. That’s some epic Martha Stewart stuff right there.

The 4th of July is right around the corner, and if you haven’t started making your 4th of July party plans, then you better get to it. As you can imagine, working in flower delivery all day, we see “all of it” every year. By all of it of course, we’re talking about the last minute party planners. We’ve included in our fourth of July table decorations ideas, things that will be easy to get even last minute, but for those of you who really want the nice American flag paper plates, American flag napkins, and specialty table covers; go get them today.

Otherwise you won’t find the 4th of July decorations you want and you’re going to look like this.


4th of July Table Decoration Ideas


Fourth of july table decorations ideas

For your 4th of July table decorations there are many different ways you can choose to decorate depending on what kind of an event you’re hosting. Obviously we would recommend sticking to the American flag themed plates, napkins, etc, but it’s the setting and the flowers that will determine the feel of your party. A lot of you, if not most of you, will probably be sitting outside. If you have a nice backyard lawn or a grill for people to enjoy, then try to pick decorations that fit with your natural outdoor setting. In this example someone has decorated their area with beautiful sunflowers, an American flag in support of patriotism for the holiday, and also a fun standing Uncle Sam figure.

Same day flower delivery in sunflower arrangements from send flowers

To recreate this look simply order some sunflower arrangements, 1 per table you have for your party, and shop at your local Walmart or dollar store for some cheap American flags to stick in the ground. You may have a harder time locating an Uncle Sam yard decoration. For something like that you should probably try Lowes, or order one off Amazon ahead of time. If you did procrastinate and it’s too late to get an Uncle Sam yard decoration, you could look for a large American flag to hang in the front yard. Those are easy to procure and are much more prevalent than an Uncle Sam yard ornament. You shouldn’t have trouble finding that, and it will be of the same size. An American flag is just as easy to put up and take down; and who knows, if you invest in a really nice one you may not want to take your American flag down.


This table setting is pretty straight forward, it’s simple but still festive and has a nice home-y feel to it. For quick and easy clean up purchase a red or blue plastic tablecloth, like the one shown in our table decorations photo above. They can be purchased at just about any dollar store or convenience store. When the party is over you can simply throw it away and get another one next year. If you want something a bit dressier, or you’re trying to save the environment(we completely support that), then purchase a fabric tablecloth that can be washed afterwards and stored. If you want a blue fabric tablecloth you may have to order it online ahead of time, but white should be easy to find. If your budget is really tight don’t forget that you can always find beautiful and ornate white tablecloths at vintage stores, goodwill, and the salvation army. There seems to be an endless supply of house goods in these stores, and they have more tablecloths then they know what to do with, plus, they are cheap. Most of these stores even have a special day of the week when house goods are an additional percentage off, just ask a salesperson.

Now that that’s taken care of all you need is the hand arranged flower delivery with red white and blue flowers. All of these flower bouquets are available for 4th of july flower delivery and are under $50, and most of them are even under $40. You can buy flowers for $20 at a local store, they’ll probably will have been sitting in the sun all day and already be dieing. You’ll also have to use gas money to go into town to pick them up that morning, ick, …OR can you order them from your laptop at home while you set up for your party. It’ll be an extra 20 bucks and you can sip your coffee while you wait for them to be hand delivered. When I’ve cooked this much food, prepared drinks, and decorated my entire home and yard for the 4th of July; I’m usually pretty tired after that. If you’re anything like me this is the only obvious option. After that it’s – make me some coffee, stay outta’ my kitchen, and someone else is going to be putting those flower deliveries on my beautiful tables for me.

4th of july flower delivery from send flowers onlinesame day 4th of july flower delivery from send flowers online4th of july flower delivery from send flowers, same day delivery

Blue Flowers in Julyblue flowers in july from send flowers, same day flower delivery

Red, white, and blue flowers are the obvious choice for 4th of july flower delivery. It may come as a surprise, but yes, it actually can be difficult depending on your area to find blue flowers in July. Just order flowers online, it’s a lot easier and you’ll have quality control, something you definitely won’t have from the grocery store flower section. They’ll come with same day delivery and they’ll be really fresh because they’ll have just been cut. If you order flowers online ahead of time and leave them outside, you will risk them wilting from the heat before your guests have even started arriving. Order flowers fresh, and don’t put them out until your guests start arriving. Oh, and that one aunt who always comes 2 hours early to every family event, she doesn’t count. Wait for the next one bae’.

When she’s 2 hours early again…

Formal Event Fourth of July Table Decorations Ideas


Formal 4th of july table setting and event with flowers

Are you planning a swanky event? First and foremost, hopefully you have some help. A lot of tables means a lot of decorating and a lot of back and forth. This is not something to play around with. Order everything ahead of time, hire a catering company, order flowers at least a few days before, and know exactly how many people are on your guest list. PS, if you think attendees won’t bring tag along stragglers, think again. Plan for extra. Trust us, we’ve delivered to enough parties we know. The last minute calls to add extra flower bouquets happens every year without fail. Especially if you’re doing a free dinner or lunch, people will definitely invite friends and family and not tell the event planner. Don’t be frustrated, it’s going to happen regardless. Plan ahead and you’ll still come out on top a pro.

So these beautiful dark blue 4th of july fabric tablecloths you see in the above photo? I know I said earlier you can save money by looking at vintage stores, but that won’t work here. You won’t find that many tablecloths that are the same unfortunately. That doesn’t mean you should go out and order 30 online. Contact your event rental space because 9 times out of 10 they will already have multiple sets of tablecloths in multiple colors. They may not tell you that if you don’t ask because it’s less work for them, they won’t have to pay to clean them, and they preserve their own items that way. It’s probably already included in your payment, but if you don’t ask, don’t expect them to tell you. You just saved so much time and money already.

If you have the budget, then yes, pre-order the 4th of july flower delivery bouquets. However wouldn’t it be a nice gesture if you decorated the space with plants instead? You’ll still have beautiful flowers at your event, but you can send a plant delivery home with guests as a thank you for attending or as a good will gesture gift. Maybe find out how many veterans are coming to your event and send gifts for veterans home with them, in this case a plant delivery. They’ll be able to enjoy it for a few weeks after the event, and it’s a nice way to pay your respects to the people who have served your country. They’ll appreciate the public recognition for the service they’ve so graciously sacrificed to this country. Isn’t that the entire point of the holiday? If you’re hosting a formal event it’s no doubt themed around our veterans so why not reward them.

Read more here for a full list of unique gift idea for veterans and to get cheap flowers free delivery coupons for flower delivery.

4th of July Rose Bush

4th of july rose bush from send flowers, same day flowers

Most bought products for Father’s Day gift delivery!

Fathers Day Gift Delivery

Which things did people buy most?

We were really interested to know what the top 10 most ordered flower bouquets, gifts baskets, or fathers day gifts were this year, and we thought you may be interested too!

These were our most enjoyed products this year. If you ordered any of these fathers day gifts for dad, please send us a photo or leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.

Fathers day gifts of yellow roses in this blue flower bouquet


Yellow roses and blue delphinium, a very nice choice for a fathers day gift delivery. It’s a unique gift idea to send a flower bouquet with blue flowers for dad. You don’t see blue flowers that often and this mixed bouquet is a beautiful creation that’s both feminine and masculine at the same time. This particular mixed bouquet of white lily and yellow roses is also really fragrant because of the particular flowers chosen for it. We’re big fans of blue flower bouquets and we’re happy to see that shoppers were too.


Sunflower garden and sunflower bouquet for same day flower delivery


This sunflower bouquet from our flowers online did well too. Another flower bouquet that can be both feminine and masculine, if you’re wondering if it’s wrong to send men flowers, think again. We hear rave reviews on this bouquet from men and women alike. Big sunflowers and green mums make this floral bouquet striking, full of southern country charm, and great for the living room or a nice work office. A giant sunflower bouquet fits multiple needs as a unique fathers day gift or flowers for mom. Everyone always loves this sunflower centerpiece.

Fathers Day Plant Delivery

Fathers day gift ideas and indoor palm plant of cheap flowers


For fathers day gift delivery some of you opted for plants, not surprising as this is something we frequently see each year. The type of fathers day plant delivery always changes a little each year from what we see, but a nice green plant is always a good option. Green plants look good in both a home or office and last a long time, so it’s a good way to give a gift that keeps giving.



Continuing on that note, the classic dish garden is a steady favorite for fathers day plant delivery too. It’s a nice mixture of plants and flowers for a floral bouquet fit for a king. It’s not wrong to send a man flowers, we know because we hear enough words of praise from customers here to know that they love flower delivery just as much as we do. For those of you who still weren’t sure this father’s day, this plant delivery in a basket was perfect for you.


Red roses in a rose delivery for fathers day, red rose delivery

Oh you ole’ softies. Some of you went straight for the traditional “I Love You” rose delivery. We don’t blame you. It is more of a romantic flower, but so many people just love their roses. If that’s what you want to send dad as a unique fathers day gift, then who are we to stop you. Order away you wonderful hopeless romantics.


Gift basket for gift basket delivery with cheeses and sausage


Gift baskets! This was one of our office picks that we thought people would like as gift ideas for dad, and you did. There were many requests for this cheese and sausage gift basket. Father’s day gift baskets have been a traditional pick for years and with good reason! These gift baskets are jam packed with yummy stuff, I want one right now just writing about it.


Gift basket delivery for baseball fans, baseball gift basket


On that same note about father’s day gift baskets, our Take Me Out To The Ballgame gift basket did really well too. We’re glad to hear that there are some baseball fans out there and that you were able to send a unique fathers day gift that fit your baseball niche. This baseball gift basket is a great gift for sports fans of all kinds. We can send you the baseball, but you’ll have to make him play after he finishes his snacks and candy. May the force be with you.


Red roses in this rose delivery for fathers day from send flowers


Another rose delivery favorite from those of you in love with your red roses. Some of you opted for the mixed bouquet of red roses and red carnations, some of you order flowers like this long stem roses bouquet. Long stem roses will always be a favorite for fathers day gift delivery, we see it every year. Many of you paired it with chocolate delivery, so we’re guessing there are a lot of sweet toothed dads out there.

Cheap flowers free delivery in this red rose basket for dad


A red rose bouquet with a lovely basket. This basket full of mini red roses was ordered by quite a few of you. Some of our flowers customers not only love their roses and rose delivery but they wanted a rose plant that would keep growing and blooming for quite some time after the holiday. This mini rose plant delivery was clearly the perfect choice for that.


Birds of paradise plant delivery for gifts ideas for dads

Our birds of paradise flower delivery did well this year too. We get a lot of orders for birds of paradise plants. They’re a coworker and colleague staple, and a lot of people order them as a gift for their boss. Due to their height and structure they make a truly magnificent office centerpiece or office plant. This year we had a lot of fathers day plant delivery requests for this particular birds of paradise plant.


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Problems with having a picnic in new york featuring cheap flowers

How to Picnic in the City

If you love picnicking, but you live in the city, it doesn’t matter if you’re newly arrived or you’re a grumpy city pro; you’ve no doubt encountered some problems. We can share our compiled city knowledge with the rest of you and help you avoid some basic mistakes while also creating a memorable hang out moment for yourself and your friends. We pulled together our entire New York office and created this post using everyone’s experiences of what they like, and hate, about trying to picnic in New York and how to counteract those things in order to have the best picnic and New York Flower Delivery.


Let’s start by setting expectations shall we?

New York Picnic

The dream…

Yes, we all dream of picnics with gorgeous pink flowers like this, but for a city dweller, this experience is harder to capture than one may predict.

Picnic ideas in new york, beautiful pink flower tree

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/olivierortelpa

…the realistic…

A park with fenced off flowerbeds, overcrowded benches, and lots of people. Don’t be fooled by the artistic snapshot of tulips, it’s going to be “people-y”.

Fenced off cheap flowers in a new york park

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…and the likely.

A pitiful flower garden of cheap flowers that makes you seriously contemplate your life choices. Cue the small violin music…

Sad picnic and bad flower bed in Brooklyn with cheap flowers

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Now that you have any idea of typical expectations, you need to also consider your space and options. This is the most important part of your game plan. What actually constitutes a picnic for you? Most people will answer immediately a lawn with grass, a throw blanket, food and snacks, and flowers. Well that’s great and you’re welcome to do that in the cities of America if you don’t mind having 3 to 4 groups of people right next to you, all blasting different types of music, hiding your alcohol, dealing with peddlers, and also not having access to a restroom. Did we say hiding your alcohol? We meant not taking it…because it’s illegal.

For those of you looking for a picnic that’s a bit more elegant, and that you could possibly even invite work colleagues too, here are some better ideas polled from our staff’s experiences.

What is your goal?

The goal of course is to recreate this outdoor picnic with gorgeous flowers, in some aspect that works for you when picnicking in any city.

How to have a picnic in new york with cheap flowers

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There are only a few things that you’re going to need to order to have a nice picnic. What will vary greatly will be where you choose to do it, and how you choose to present it.

Apartment Building Picnic Ideas

The best option is if you have a shared living space in your apartment building already like a rooftop, patio, or open lounge. While you will have to share the space with other building dwellers, the number of people will be greatly diminished versus sharing a space with thousands of central park goers and tourists. If you’re going to throw a get together of more than five to six people it’s best to notify the superintendent or building manager to avoid any problems and to avoid having your get-together crashed in an embarrassing way. Most buildings won’t mind so long as you clean up the space afterwards like a decent human being and go through the proper channels beforehand. For your picnic decorations just cover the tables with throw away gingham printed table covers(bought cheaply at most party stores), have a cooler of ice for cold drinks, and most importantly -to set the outdoor mood- are your flowers. For the freshest flowers without wilted blooms, that will be able to take the outdoor heat and survive the day, order flowers (cheap flowers of course) that can take the heat and will withstand long periods of direct sunlight. This is the most important part of setting the mood. Without greenery and flowers, you’re just drinking on a patio. We’re not saying you can’t do that, but it definitely won’t fit the “picnic vibe” we’re going for. These flower deliveries are available for same day delivery and you’ll have beautiful potted plants that you can keep enjoying in your own apartment and reuse anytime you have another picnic. Potted plants are a great investment so that you don’t have to keep repurchasing more flowers each time. In the long run it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Our Recommendations:

Picnic Patio Ideas

If you are rich enough to have an apartment with your own balcony patio, first of all you’re probably not reading this, and secondly you could just throw your picnic there. It’s also possible that you have the patience of a saint and share your beautiful apartment with 4 to 5 people, bless your heart. Maybe you have a friend lucky enough to have their own patio, a.k.a. that single multimillionaire living on the upper east side, why not borrow their space? If you have money to spare and just want to have a good ole’ time, then go ahead and make it a ridiculously fancy affair. This is also a great idea if secretly your event is going to be more of a business schmoozing party. Go for class not crass. Have a caterer or hired personal cook for the evening and work from the kitchen. Put the most splendid and lavish of flower bouquets out dressed to impress in their finest vases. Of course only the best designer flower bouquets will do. Decorate the balcony with beautiful sparkling lights, and ice the champagne before your guests arrive.

Our Recommendations:

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For the rich and fabulous, or those of you who just have truly amazing brokers and possibly 5 roommates, only the best flower bouquets will do.

Patio full of flower bouquets and cheap flowers for an event

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Luxury rose bouquet for same day rose delivery Send calla lilies or same day lily delivery in new york

Picnic in the Park Ideas

Sometimes simplicity is best, the only reason we’ve avoided the park until now is that it was truthfully our last pick from our office poll. It’s simply too crowded, too noisy, and the lack of “facilities” can leave one in quite an uncomfortable predicament. Still, for those of you whom are die hard park fans these are our recommendations to turn your park picnic into as much of a high end experience as possible. First and foremost, if you’re going to Central Park(which you probably are), avoid the the Great Lawn. It will have to most people, flying frisbees, crashing footballs, screaming children, and plenty of pets to steal your food when you’re not looking. This author, currently with 3 pets, will personally vague for this. We try our best, but they’re so fast when food is involved. Instead try an area less populated like Strawberry Fields on the West side. It’s not quite as breathtaking, but it’s nice enough, and you’ll be able to eat, snack, and drink in peace for the most part. Also, leave the booze at home, unless you want a ticket from a police officer. It’s not worth it, and yes they will be everywhere. Most flowers in the park will be entirely off limits and barricaded, so order your flowers same day and put them in a wide shallow vase. This is so that you can set them in the middle of your sheet or towel and they won’t spill or fall over in the wind. You could also tie your flowers together as seen in some modern bouquets, and use the modern approach of leaving a tied bouquet in a vase. Either bouquet of flowers will look striking as a centerpiece. Before you think that flowers won’t make a difference to your park picnic display, take a look at this.

Perfect picnic in the park with cheap flowers

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This is about as close as you can get to flower bouquet perfection for a picnic in the park. Don’t forget that the key is wide and shallow vases, as seen above. If you want your flowers to last the week for your full enjoyment, you can also try baskets of flowers and basket bouquets as seen in the top right. For this kind of flower display we recommended the cheapest flowers for same day delivery. Their still much prettier than what you’d find at the local grocery store, plus the price point is the same, but they’ll be delivered to your front door. That will save you the trip of having to go get flowers while you’re making your other preparations and food items.

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Thank you for reading and if you take great picnic photos, or have interesting picnic or flower ideas to share with us, please let us know! If you liked our post please repost it or share it with your friends, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!