Sign up to enter the Send Flowers Christmas Sweepstakes today! Titled “Have Your Own 34th Street Miracle in NYC Sweepstakes”, this is a grand chance to win a whole bunch of free stuff. Christmas is about giving to others, but why not enter for a chance to win an amazing gift for yourself too? Enter the sweeps for your chance to win the grand prize valued at $1000. You get air faire, an amazing shopping spree, and even a gift card on us. You can enter the Christmas Send Flowers

Grandparents Day 2016 is right around the corner! This September 11th is a day to honor your grandparents by celebrating National Grandparents Day with them. Whether grandma and grandpa are around the corner, or miles away, it only takes a simple gift of acknowledgement and a phone call to say I love you. We found a few simple things that you can send to grandmother and grandfather this year from chocolate delivery, same day flowers, and too beautiful mylar balloons. Based off of previous orders and reviews, these are our

Have you ever had that moment when you’re thinking of sending flowers to someone and then you stop and think, “hmmmm maybe this isn’t the time”. We’ve been working in same day flower delivery for awhile, so we feel pretty confident in saying that we have some experience. From thrown flower bouquets, to garbaged rose deliveries, to torn bouquets of daisies; we’ve seen it all. A gift from us here at Send Flowers USA to you, we share with you five situations in which you should probably skip that flowers

How many of you knew that Iris flowers were actually named after the Greek Goddess Iris? A beautiful purple iris flower with very intricate petals, dark purple hues, and an open almost abstract shape when fully bloomed. This ancient Greek flower has a story, and that story is that of the goddess Iris. Who was she, and what did she do? According to Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of rainbows and is often considered a messenger goddess as well. When looking at Greek statues, she is often depicted with

The first Monday of September every year, we celebrate Labor Day, a holiday dedicated solely to the American workers as a day of rest and appreciation. It’s true that Labor Day has it’s own historical significance, but what most of us think of when we hear “Labor Day”, translates solely to “day off from work”. While half of you are more than likely going out of town, the rest of you will be hanging out at home with your family, or hosting a great outdoor party before Summer completely closes

Beautiful Flowers Photos We figured it’s been Summer long enough now that some very new and interesting beautiful flowers photos should have popped up for us to scour and share. After an extensive and long search into several new flower photos and flower photography media sites, we discovered these photogenic flowers. Beautiful Pictures of Flowers All of these photography shots of flowers are unique is some aspect whether it’s the lighting, hue of the flowers, the care that someone took of flowers, or simply because they were unusual and striking.

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to make this one. That’s some epic Martha Stewart stuff right there. The 4th of July is right around the corner, and if you haven’t started making your 4th of July party plans, then you better get to it. As you can imagine, working in flower delivery all day, we see “all of it” every year. By all of it of course, we’re talking about the last minute party planners. We’ve included in our fourth of July table decorations ideas, things that will be

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