What is our criteria for picking out our favorite red roses bouquets? With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we sat down and discussed a few different things. How customers react when we deliver these bouquets, the cost of the Valentines flowers arrangement for the customer, and the frequency that people re-order the same bouquet. Here are our top 10 Valentine’s Day Bouquets and why we picked them above others. Red Roses Under $40 Rose Bouquet With Specialty Vase These Valentine’s Day flowers were an easy choice. Customers love the

Beautiful Red Roses For V-Day! Every woman loves flowers, and for Valentine’s Day you know she wants the red roses. Working in the floral industry we can tell you first and foremost that when it comes to V-day flowers, red roses and red spray roses are above and beyond the most ordered Valentine’s Day bouquets. These are our favorite Valentines holiday bouquets ranging from prices as low as $20 to a whopping $300! We’ll let you decide if she’s deserving of that kind of bouquet or not, but don’t worry,

Valentine’s Day Bouquets Under $55! Same day Valentine’s Day flower delivery under 55? Yes please! Actually, most of these flower delivery bouquets and discount Valentine Bouquets range from $25 to $35. Get the highest quality cheap flower delivery and benefit from fast flower delivery and discount flowers for your 2017 Valentine Bouquets. Red Rose Valentine Bouquet Of course we will start with a traditional thick red rose bouquet! This bouquet of roses and Valentine’s Day flowers is available for same day flower delivery and with a complimentary glass vase and

Christmas Tree Bouquet Order your 18 inch Christmas arrangement today before 3PM for same day delivery. One of our best Christmas centerpieces which includes red roses and holiday greens! Bring over to the table this festive mini Christmas tree centerpiece to enhance the holiday spirit. Can also be used as a decoration for the office to represent the season of giving.     Red Poinsettia Basket These red poinsettia flowers sell at a bargain price, but definitely embrace the blossoming Christmas plant fever. Poinsettia delivery is available same day shipping if ordered

Everyone likes receiving Christmas flowers, but for some reasons you guys love these bouquets the most! If you like of of these Christmas bouquets or have had Christmas flowers delivered to someone close to you please tell us why you chose it. Without further ado, these are the same day flower delivery bouquets you’ve been going crazy for. Large Poinsettia Bouquet You guys seriously love the poinsettias. You love them so much , you come back and order them over and over again. We don’t mind! It is interesting though.

Classic Bud Vase Roses with Bear Bring along a furry friend to give to that special someone tonight. Our Classic Bud Vase Roses is simple yet can be a way of showing a good first impression. With same day delivery the plush teddy bear is attached with three long stemmed red roses and few small white daisies in the background all in a clear bud vase. The small teddy bear itself is decorated with a red bow on the neck to add a bit more touch of cuteness. Giving this

Sign up to enter the Send Flowers Christmas Sweepstakes today! Titled “Have Your Own 34th Street Miracle in NYC Sweepstakes”, this is a grand chance to win a whole bunch of free stuff. Christmas is about giving to others, but why not enter for a chance to win an amazing gift for yourself too? Enter the sweeps for your chance to win the grand prize valued at $1000. You get air faire, an amazing shopping spree, and even a gift card on us. You can enter the Christmas Send Flowers

Grandparents Day 2016 is right around the corner! This September 11th is a day to honor your grandparents by celebrating National Grandparents Day with them. Whether grandma and grandpa are around the corner, or miles away, it only takes a simple gift of acknowledgement and a phone call to say I love you. We found a few simple things that you can send to grandmother and grandfather this year from chocolate delivery, same day flowers, and too beautiful mylar balloons. Based off of previous orders and reviews, these are our

Have you ever had that moment when you’re thinking of sending flowers to someone and then you stop and think, “hmmmm maybe this isn’t the time”. We’ve been working in same day flower delivery for awhile, so we feel pretty confident in saying that we have some experience. From thrown flower bouquets, to garbaged rose deliveries, to torn bouquets of daisies; we’ve seen it all. A gift from us here at Send Flowers USA to you, we share with you five situations in which you should probably skip that flowers

How many of you knew that Iris flowers were actually named after the Greek Goddess Iris? A beautiful purple iris flower with very intricate petals, dark purple hues, and an open almost abstract shape when fully bloomed. This ancient Greek flower has a story, and that story is that of the goddess Iris. Who was she, and what did she do? According to Greek mythology, Iris was the goddess of rainbows and is often considered a messenger goddess as well. When looking at Greek statues, she is often depicted with

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