Our Top 4 Marriage Proposal Videos


Our Top 5 Marriage Proposal Videos

First comes love and then comes marriage, or so the saying goes. But in between walking down the aisle and saying “I do,” is the proposal that sets everything in motion. A marriage proposal can be one the most emotional, life-changing and memorable experiences of someone’s life. And if you’re the man doing the proposing, it can also be a challenging task of wanting to create the perfect moment for the love of your life.

Whether you are looking for your own inspiration or looking for creative ideas to give to your beloved, and with a range of ideas from the romantic, to the fun, to the sentimental, below are our top 5 wedding proposal videos.


The proposal involving family and friends:

Expecting dinner with her then-boyfriend and another couple, she walks along an ocean view path collecting flowers from family members and friends, eventually reaching her beau.


For the ultimate end to game night:

What seems like an ordinary night of playing Pictionary turns into what is sure to be one of the most unforgettable nights of her life, that is equally part sentimental and humorous.


For the couple who have traveled the world together:

After 6 years of dating and being globe trotters together with photo documents that spell out “we always knew,” he has one last picture that catches her off guard in the best way possible.


For the more over-the-top, musical proposal:

Expecting lunch plans in New York City’s Bryant Park, she is sat at a table with a friend when a flash mob appears, a band starts playing Bruce Channel’s “Hey Baby,” and he gets down on one knee to ask a very important question.

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