New Year’s Resolution Ideas


Every year on December 31st people count down to the end of the old year and the beginning of the new one. And with each new year, countless individuals pledge to make and keep resolutions, with the ever-common expression of a “new year, new you.” Regardless of size, each resolution is an accomplishment, so whether you already have a list or need some ideas, below are 30 resolutions to give you inspiration. Remember, even though it’s already one week into 2015, it’s never too late to get started!

  1. Travel more, even if it’s just to another city or state
  2. Quit smoking.. for good
  3. Give to charity, whether it’s though your money or time
  4. Be more patient with yourself and others
  5. Exercise as much as possible, both mentally and physically
  6. Learn how to cook, or learn more challenging recipes
  7. Be confident in your own skin
  8. Learn another language- sign language included
  9. Spend more time with loved ones
  10. Send hand-written thank you notes, instead of emails
  11. Adopt an animal, whether symbolically or from a shelter
  12. Create more: whether it’s music, art, or in written form
  13. Reconnect with old friends or family members
  14. Become more financially aware of spending
  15. Be more health conscious with diet, hygiene, etc.
  16. Take vitamins every day, for those who don’t
  17. Learn how to better deal with stress and time
  18. Go for yearly check-ups with your doctors
  19. Be more environmentally-friendly
  20. Check in with family and friends more often
  21. Everything in moderation (alcohol, coffee, etc.)
  22. Learn a new skill and/or take on a new hobby
  23. Get more sleep every night
  24. Have a more positive outlook on life
  25. Take more chances (trying a new cuisine or going out on a date)
  26. Stop procrastinating
  27. Spend less time watching TV and/or on social media
  28. Read more quality books and/or magazines
  29. Learn to better control emotions
  30. Face your fears and insecurities

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