Most Bought Products for Father’s Day Gift Delivery!


Fathers Day Gift Delivery

Which things did people buy most?

We were really interested to know what the top 10 most ordered flower bouquets, gifts baskets, or fathers day gifts were this year, and we thought you may be interested too!

These were our most enjoyed products this year. If you ordered any of these fathers day gifts for dad, please send us a photo or leave us a comment and let us know what you thought.

Fathers day gifts of yellow roses in this blue flower bouquet


Yellow roses and blue delphinium, a very nice choice for a fathers day gift delivery. It’s a unique gift idea to send a flower bouquet with blue flowers for dad. You don’t see blue flowers that often and this mixed bouquet is a beautiful creation that’s both feminine and masculine at the same time. This particular mixed bouquet of white lily and yellow roses is also really fragrant because of the particular flowers chosen for it. We’re big fans of blue flower bouquets and we’re happy to see that shoppers were too.


Sunflower garden and sunflower bouquet for same day flower delivery


This sunflower bouquet from our flowers online did well too. Another flower bouquet that can be both feminine and masculine, if you’re wondering if it’s wrong to send men flowers, think again. We hear rave reviews on this bouquet from men and women alike. Big sunflowers and green mums make this floral bouquet striking, full of southern country charm, and great for the living room or a nice work office. A giant sunflower bouquet fits multiple needs as a unique fathers day gift or flowers for mom. Everyone always loves this sunflower centerpiece.

Fathers Day Plant Delivery

Fathers day gift ideas and indoor palm plant of cheap flowers


For fathers day gift delivery some of you opted for plants, not surprising as this is something we frequently see each year. The type of fathers day plant delivery always changes a little each year from what we see, but a nice green plant is always a good option. Green plants look good in both a home or office and last a long time, so it’s a good way to give a gift that keeps giving.



Continuing on that note, the classic dish garden is a steady favorite for fathers day plant delivery too. It’s a nice mixture of plants and flowers for a floral bouquet fit for a king. It’s not wrong to send a man flowers, we know because we hear enough words of praise from customers here to know that they love flower delivery just as much as we do. For those of you who still weren’t sure this father’s day, this plant delivery in a basket was perfect for you.


Red roses in a rose delivery for fathers day, red rose delivery

Oh you ole’ softies. Some of you went straight for the traditional “I Love You” rose delivery. We don’t blame you. It is more of a romantic flower, but so many people just love their roses. If that’s what you want to send dad as a unique fathers day gift, then who are we to stop you. Order away you wonderful hopeless romantics.


Gift basket for gift basket delivery with cheeses and sausage


Gift baskets! This was one of our office picks that we thought people would like as gift ideas for dad, and you did. There were many requests for this cheese and sausage gift basket. Father’s day gift baskets have been a traditional pick for years and with good reason! These gift baskets are jam packed with yummy stuff, I want one right now just writing about it.


Gift basket delivery for baseball fans, baseball gift basket


On that same note about father’s day gift baskets, our Take Me Out To The Ballgame gift basket did really well too. We’re glad to hear that there are some baseball fans out there and that you were able to send a unique fathers day gift that fit your baseball niche. This baseball gift basket is a great gift for sports fans of all kinds. We can send you the baseball, but you’ll have to make him play after he finishes his snacks and candy. May the force be with you.


Red roses in this rose delivery for fathers day from send flowers


Another rose delivery favorite from those of you in love with your red roses. Some of you opted for the mixed bouquet of red roses and red carnations, some of you order flowers like this long stem roses bouquet. Long stem roses will always be a favorite for fathers day gift delivery, we see it every year. Many of you paired it with chocolate delivery, so we’re guessing there are a lot of sweet toothed dads out there.

Cheap flowers free delivery in this red rose basket for dad


A red rose bouquet with a lovely basket. This basket full of mini red roses was ordered by quite a few of you. Some of our flowers customers not only love their roses and rose delivery but they wanted a rose plant that would keep growing and blooming for quite some time after the holiday. This mini rose plant delivery was clearly the perfect choice for that.


Birds of paradise plant delivery for gifts ideas for dads

Our birds of paradise flower delivery did well this year too. We get a lot of orders for birds of paradise plants. They’re a coworker and colleague staple, and a lot of people order them as a gift for their boss. Due to their height and structure they make a truly magnificent office centerpiece or office plant. This year we had a lot of fathers day plant delivery requests for this particular birds of paradise plant.


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