Labor Day Party Ideas


The first Monday of September every year, we celebrate Labor Day, a holiday dedicated solely to the American workers as a day of rest and appreciation. It’s true that Labor Day has it’s own historical significance, but what most of us think of when we hear “Labor Day”, translates solely to “day off from work”. While half of you are more than likely going out of town, the rest of you will be hanging out at home with your family, or hosting a great outdoor party before Summer completely closes it’s door.

Labor Day Party Idea List

In the good spirit of celebrating what may very well be the last days of Summer, we are sharing with you some of our favorite Labor Day party ideas! From Labor Day food, to Labor Day decorations, and even Labor Day Flowers. Read on to see our favorites!

Simple Flower in a Cup


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If you’re hosting a party at your home or you’ve rented a space, a great way to decorate for labor day without spending a lot of money is to set an individual cup on each table with a single flower in it. You can be creative and use different tea cups for each table, or even a coffee cup per table. Cut your flowers, no need to purchase long stem roses for this idea, and set them in the cup so that they just cover the top. It’s an elegant flower setting that’s inexpensive and super easy. Don’t worry about buying premium flower bouquets for this, simply purchase some discount flowers to use for this micro mini table bouquet.

Cookie Dough Brownies

Maybe some of the easiest and most delicious treats to ever grace the Labor Day party dining table, these Chocolate brown cookie dough Reese’s desserts are to die for. Everything is prepackaged, you can literally just throw it together and bake it. Buy some brownie mix, packed raw cookie dough, and Reese’s Cups along with whatever is needed on the backs of those packages. Pre-heat your oven to 350, and in a brownie pan or muffin pan, put in half of your brownie mix. Now flatten your cookie dough and place that on top of the brownie mixture in the pan. Next put crushed Reese’s Cups on top of that, and then top with the other half of the brownie mix. Bake according to the brownie box directions and whatever pan you chose, and viola!

Wrapping Paper Star Decorations

For some easy hanging star decorations, simply take some cardboard, or any kind of stiff material you have laying around that can be cut; and cut out giant star shapes. Then take wrapping paper in fun American themes, or red, white, and blue colors; and cover the stars. Just tape, glue, or staple them from behind, and tack or tape the stars to your ceiling or wall. If you cover both sides and use light enough material then you can even hang them from the ceiling. These make great decorations, and typically you can use whatever is just laying around the house to get the job done. An easy DIY Labor Day decorations idea.

Rent A Water Slide

Yes! Why not rent a water slide for adults and children. Talk about taking your Labor Day bash to the next level. If you’re doing an outdoor event with family and friends, send out invitations saying, “bring your swimsuit!” and make sure to have plenty of extra towels for guests. You can pay a service to come to your home, and literally blow up a water slide in your backyard. Now how much fun is that? There’s no point in doing too much more with party decorations when you have an epic water slide in your backyard. No one will be looking at your table decor, they’ll be having too much fun playing the the sun.

Giant Teacup Flowers


These flowers in a teacup are some of our favorite flower decorations for parties. Depending on your party space, or the event theme that you want to decorate for, you may find yourself wanting a more elegant look for your Labor Day party. If you’ve invited friends from work, or you’re meeting several new people for a PR event, these teacup flowers are any easy way to host an elegant summer party. If you have your heart set on using these giant teacups as your decoration floral centerpiece, their easy to find. If you’re tight for time and just want it done, you can order flowers online for around $35, and there are some stores that carry large glass teacups. Big Lots is known for carrying neat and somewhat random containers like that. You can also look for unique flower vases at Hobby Lobby and Michaels. These table decorations are usually pretty cheap, just make sure that purchasing the decorations and buying flowers doesn’t end up costing you more than if you’d just used a cheap flower delivery service.

Labor Day Sailor Hats


Order sailor hats online for guests!  You can order a whole dozen for $22.99 from and pass them out to your guests. After all, Labor Day is a day to celebrate the hard working Americans who built this country, so why not honor some of your American sailors in a way that’s fun even for the kids by wearing fun themed sailor hats at your Labor Day extravaganza. You won’t be able to keep people in them all day, but they should last long enough to get some really interesting pictures.

Water Container Sunflower Arrangement

What can we say? Sunflowers are the Summer Flower. They look beautiful, make us think of outdoor days in the garden, and they can take the sweltering heat. If your Labor Day party is going to be outdoors and you want real freshly cut flowers at your event, think of Sunflowers as your best friend. Leave these summer flowers outside with some water, and they will bask in even the hottest of Summer heat. For a fun take on a summer flower favorite, send flowers to your home for cheap and then place a handful of those giant sunflowers in a watering can for a very casual “things I just had hanging around” look.

Front Door Plants Display

For those of you who are too busy to build decorations yourself, or who just want to sit back and enjoy your last days in the sun. Plant delivery is a great option. The fastest way to set the mood for your party is by decorating the first thing people will see, in this case your front door. Display large plants, or many various plants at your front door to create a sense of ease and comfort as you welcome guests into your home.

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