Incorporating Pets in Weddings


Anyone who has a pet knows that he or she is not just that, and is more like a beloved family member. Pets come in a variety of colors, features, and sizes, but no matter what, they are always man (and woman’s) best friend. And when it comes to weddings, family is one of the most important aspects to be included, so it only makes sense to include a loyal companion.

The inclusion of pets in weddings has been increasingly more popular over the last few years, and it is little wonder why pet parents want their furry, or sometimes feathered, child there. Having a pet in a wedding is not always simple though, so we put together a list of the top suggestions and tips, just be sure to click each link for more information!


What to Consider before Including Your Pet in Your WeddingDog with Bowtie

  • Know your pet’s personality
  • Make sure the vendor is pet-friendly
  • Ensure pet clothing/accessories are safe
  • Let photographer know about pet
  • Book a pet sitter to care for your pooch










29 Adorable Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding Dog Ring Bearer

  • To include in your save the date invitations
  • To include in your wedding photos
  • To act as your ring bearer or flower girl
  • As inspiration for your wedding cake topper
  • As an additional prop for the photo booth












Cats in the WeddingCat in Tuxedo

  • Make sure venue is pet-friendly
  • Be aware of your cat’s personality
  • Bring him or her to the rehearsal
  • Let the family know of your plans
  • Be aware of guest’s allergies to cats
  • Dress your kitty in attire beforehand
  • Hire a pet sitter
  • Keep calm in case of accidents
  • Bring a travel bag with treats, toys, etc.




Pets in Your WeddingBride with Dog

  • Decide on your pet’s role
  • Be flexible if things do not go as planned
  • Plan everything with your pet in mind


*All images courtesy of Flickr Common Creatives

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