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If you love picnicking, but you live in the city, it doesn’t matter if you’re newly arrived or you’re a grumpy city pro; you’ve no doubt encountered some problems. We can share our compiled city knowledge with the rest of you and help you avoid some basic mistakes while also creating a memorable hang out moment for yourself and your friends. We pulled together our entire New York office and created this post using everyone’s experiences of what they like, and hate, about trying to picnic in New York and how to counteract those things in order to have the best picnic and New York Flower Delivery.


Let’s start by setting expectations shall we?

New York Picnic

The dream…

Yes, we all dream of picnics with gorgeous pink flowers like this, but for a city dweller, this experience is harder to capture than one may predict.

Picnic ideas in new york, beautiful pink flower tree

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/olivierortelpa

…the realistic…

A park with fenced off flowerbeds, overcrowded benches, and lots of people. Don’t be fooled by the artistic snapshot of tulips, it’s going to be “people-y”.

Fenced off cheap flowers in a new york park

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/cyrusoxford

…and the likely.

A pitiful flower garden of cheap flowers that makes you seriously contemplate your life choices. Cue the small violin music…

Sad picnic and bad flower bed in Brooklyn with cheap flowers

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/michaeltapp

Now that you have any idea of typical expectations, you need to also consider your space and options. This is the most important part of your game plan. What actually constitutes a picnic for you? Most people will answer immediately a lawn with grass, a throw blanket, food and snacks, and flowers. Well that’s great and you’re welcome to do that in the cities of America if you don’t mind having 3 to 4 groups of people right next to you, all blasting different types of music, hiding your alcohol, dealing with peddlers, and also not having access to a restroom. Did we say hiding your alcohol? We meant not taking it…because it’s illegal.

For those of you looking for a picnic that’s a bit more elegant, and that you could possibly even invite work colleagues too, here are some better ideas polled from our staff’s experiences.

What is your goal?

The goal of course is to recreate this outdoor picnic with gorgeous flowers, in some aspect that works for you when picnicking in any city.

How to have a picnic in new york with cheap flowers

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/Alex Proimos

There are only a few things that you’re going to need to order to have a nice picnic. What will vary greatly will be where you choose to do it, and how you choose to present it.

Apartment Building Picnic Ideas

The best option is if you have a shared living space in your apartment building already like a rooftop, patio, or open lounge. While you will have to share the space with other building dwellers, the number of people will be greatly diminished versus sharing a space with thousands of central park goers and tourists. If you’re going to throw a get together of more than five to six people it’s best to notify the superintendent or building manager to avoid any problems and to avoid having your get-together crashed in an embarrassing way. Most buildings won’t mind so long as you clean up the space afterwards like a decent human being and go through the proper channels beforehand. For your picnic decorations just cover the tables with throw away gingham printed table covers(bought cheaply at most party stores), have a cooler of ice for cold drinks, and most importantly -to set the outdoor mood- are your flowers. For the freshest flowers without wilted blooms, that will be able to take the outdoor heat and survive the day, order flowers (cheap flowers of course) that can take the heat and will withstand long periods of direct sunlight. This is the most important part of setting the mood. Without greenery and flowers, you’re just drinking on a patio. We’re not saying you can’t do that, but it definitely won’t fit the “picnic vibe” we’re going for. These flower deliveries are available for same day delivery and you’ll have beautiful potted plants that you can keep enjoying in your own apartment and reuse anytime you have another picnic. Potted plants are a great investment so that you don’t have to keep repurchasing more flowers each time. In the long run it can save you hundreds of dollars.

Our Recommendations:

Picnic Patio Ideas

If you are rich enough to have an apartment with your own balcony patio, first of all you’re probably not reading this, and secondly you could just throw your picnic there. It’s also possible that you have the patience of a saint and share your beautiful apartment with 4 to 5 people, bless your heart. Maybe you have a friend lucky enough to have their own patio, a.k.a. that single multimillionaire living on the upper east side, why not borrow their space? If you have money to spare and just want to have a good ole’ time, then go ahead and make it a ridiculously fancy affair. This is also a great idea if secretly your event is going to be more of a business schmoozing party. Go for class not crass. Have a caterer or hired personal cook for the evening and work from the kitchen. Put the most splendid and lavish of flower bouquets out dressed to impress in their finest vases. Of course only the best designer flower bouquets will do. Decorate the balcony with beautiful sparkling lights, and ice the champagne before your guests arrive.

Our Recommendations:

Yellow daisy plant for same day flower deliveryYellow mum plant for same day delivery at send flowers

For the rich and fabulous, or those of you who just have truly amazing brokers and possibly 5 roommates, only the best flower bouquets will do.

Patio full of flower bouquets and cheap flowers for an event

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/hawaiiansea

Luxury rose bouquet for same day rose delivery Send calla lilies or same day lily delivery in new york

Picnic in the Park Ideas

Sometimes simplicity is best, the only reason we’ve avoided the park until now is that it was truthfully our last pick from our office poll. It’s simply too crowded, too noisy, and the lack of “facilities” can leave one in quite an uncomfortable predicament. Still, for those of you whom are die hard park fans these are our recommendations to turn your park picnic into as much of a high end experience as possible. First and foremost, if you’re going to Central Park(which you probably are), avoid the the Great Lawn. It will have to most people, flying frisbees, crashing footballs, screaming children, and plenty of pets to steal your food when you’re not looking. This author, currently with 3 pets, will personally vague for this. We try our best, but they’re so fast when food is involved. Instead try an area less populated like Strawberry Fields on the West side. It’s not quite as breathtaking, but it’s nice enough, and you’ll be able to eat, snack, and drink in peace for the most part. Also, leave the booze at home, unless you want a ticket from a police officer. It’s not worth it, and yes they will be everywhere. Most flowers in the park will be entirely off limits and barricaded, so order your flowers same day and put them in a wide shallow vase. This is so that you can set them in the middle of your sheet or towel and they won’t spill or fall over in the wind. You could also tie your flowers together as seen in some modern bouquets, and use the modern approach of leaving a tied bouquet in a vase. Either bouquet of flowers will look striking as a centerpiece. Before you think that flowers won’t make a difference to your park picnic display, take a look at this.

Perfect picnic in the park with cheap flowers

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/pikerslanefarm

This is about as close as you can get to flower bouquet perfection for a picnic in the park. Don’t forget that the key is wide and shallow vases, as seen above. If you want your flowers to last the week for your full enjoyment, you can also try baskets of flowers and basket bouquets as seen in the top right. For this kind of flower display we recommended the cheapest flowers for same day delivery. Their still much prettier than what you’d find at the local grocery store, plus the price point is the same, but they’ll be delivered to your front door. That will save you the trip of having to go get flowers while you’re making your other preparations and food items.

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Thank you for reading and if you take great picnic photos, or have interesting picnic or flower ideas to share with us, please let us know! If you liked our post please repost it or share it with your friends, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!

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