Fourth of July Table Decoration Ideas


4th of july table decoration ideas

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to make this one. That’s some epic Martha Stewart stuff right there.

The 4th of July is right around the corner, and if you haven’t started making your 4th of July party plans, then you better get to it. As you can imagine, working in flower delivery all day, we see “all of it” every year. By all of it of course, we’re talking about the last minute party planners. We’ve included in our fourth of July table decorations ideas, things that will be easy to get even last minute, but for those of you who really want the nice American flag paper plates, American flag napkins, and specialty table covers; go get them today.


4th of July Table Decoration Ideas


Fourth of july table decorations ideas

For your 4th of July table decorations there are many different ways you can choose to decorate depending on what kind of an event you’re hosting. Obviously we would recommend sticking to the American flag themed plates, napkins, etc, but it’s the setting and the flowers that will determine the feel of your party. A lot of you, if not most of you, will probably be sitting outside. If you have a nice backyard lawn or a grill for people to enjoy, then try to pick decorations that fit with your natural outdoor setting. In this example someone has decorated their area with beautiful sunflowers, an American flag in support of patriotism for the holiday, and also a fun standing Uncle Sam figure.

Same day flower delivery in sunflower arrangements from send flowers

To recreate this look simply order some sunflower arrangements, 1 per table you have for your party, and shop at your local Walmart or dollar store for some cheap American flags to stick in the ground. You may have a harder time locating an Uncle Sam yard decoration. For something like that you should probably try Lowes, or order one off Amazon ahead of time. If you did procrastinate and it’s too late to get an Uncle Sam yard decoration, you could look for a large American flag to hang in the front yard. Those are easy to procure and are much more prevalent than an Uncle Sam yard ornament. You shouldn’t have trouble finding that, and it will be of the same size. An American flag is just as easy to put up and take down; and who knows, if you invest in a really nice one you may not want to take your American flag down.


This table setting is pretty straight forward, it’s simple but still festive and has a nice home-y feel to it. For quick and easy clean up purchase a red or blue plastic tablecloth, like the one shown in our table decorations photo above. They can be purchased at just about any dollar store or convenience store. When the party is over you can simply throw it away and get another one next year. If you want something a bit dressier, or you’re trying to save the environment(we completely support that), then purchase a fabric tablecloth that can be washed afterwards and stored. If you want a blue fabric tablecloth you may have to order it online ahead of time, but white should be easy to find. If your budget is really tight don’t forget that you can always find beautiful and ornate white tablecloths at vintage stores, goodwill, and the salvation army. There seems to be an endless supply of house goods in these stores, and they have more tablecloths then they know what to do with, plus, they are cheap. Most of these stores even have a special day of the week when house goods are an additional percentage off, just ask a salesperson.

Now that that’s taken care of all you need is the hand arranged flower delivery with red white and blue flowers. All of these flower bouquets are available for 4th of July flower delivery and are under $50, and most of them are even under $40. You can buy flowers for $20 at a local store, they’ll probably will have been sitting in the sun all day and already be dieing. You’ll also have to use gas money to go into town to pick them up that morning, ick, …OR can you order them from your laptop at home while you set up for your party. It’ll be an extra 20 bucks and you can sip your coffee while you wait for them to be hand delivered. When I’ve cooked this much food, prepared drinks, and decorated my entire home and yard for the 4th of July; I’m usually pretty tired after that. If you’re anything like me this is the only obvious option. After that it’s – make me some coffee, stay outta’ my kitchen, and someone else is going to be putting those flower deliveries on my beautiful tables for me.

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Blue Flowers in Julyblue flowers in july from send flowers, same day flower delivery

Red, white, and blue flowers are the obvious choice for 4th of july flower delivery. It may come as a surprise, but yes, it actually can be difficult depending on your area to find blue flowers in July. Just order flowers online, it’s a lot easier and you’ll have quality control, something you definitely won’t have from the grocery store flower section. They’ll come with same day delivery and they’ll be really fresh because they’ll have just been cut. If you order flowers online ahead of time and leave them outside, you will risk them wilting from the heat before your guests have even started arriving. Order flowers fresh, and don’t put them out until your guests start arriving. Oh, and that one aunt who always comes 2 hours early to every family event, she doesn’t count. Wait for the next one bae’.

Formal Event Fourth of July Table Decorations Ideas

Formal 4th of july tabel setting and event with flowers

Are you planning a swanky event? First and foremost, hopefully you have some help. A lot of tables means a lot of decorating and a lot of back and forth. This is not something to play around with. Order everything ahead of time, hire a catering company, order flowers at least a few days before, and know exactly how many people are on your guest list. PS, if you think attendees won’t bring tag along stragglers, think again. Plan for extra. Trust us, we’ve delivered to enough parties we know. The last minute calls to add extra flower bouquets happens every year without fail. Especially if you’re doing a free dinner or lunch, people will definitely invite friends and family and not tell the event planner. Don’t be frustrated, it’s going to happen regardless. Plan ahead and you’ll still come out on top a pro.

So these beautiful dark blue 4th of july fabric tablecloths you see in the above photo? I know I said earlier you can save money by looking at vintage stores, but that won’t work here. You won’t find that many tablecloths that are the same unfortunately. That doesn’t mean you should go out and order 30 online. Contact your event rental space because 9 times out of 10 they will already have multiple sets of tablecloths in multiple colors. They may not tell you that if you don’t ask because it’s less work for them, they won’t have to pay to clean them, and they preserve their own items that way. It’s probably already included in your payment, but if you don’t ask, don’t expect them to tell you. You just saved so much time and money already.

If you have the budget, then yes, pre-order the 4th of july flower delivery bouquets. However wouldn’t it be a nice gesture if you decorated the space with plants instead? You’ll still have beautiful flowers at your event, but you can send a plant delivery home with guests as a thank you for attending or as a good will gesture gift. Maybe find out how many veterans are coming to your event and send gifts for veterans home with them, in this case a plant delivery. They’ll be able to enjoy it for a few weeks after the event, and it’s a nice way to pay your respects to the people who have served your country. They’ll appreciate the public recognition for the service they’ve so graciously sacrificed to this country. Isn’t that the entire point of the holiday? If you’re hosting a formal event it’s no doubt themed around our veterans so why not reward them.

Read more here for a full list of unique gift idea for veterans and to get cheap flowers free delivery coupons for flower delivery.

4th of July Rose Bush

4th of july rose bush from send flowers, same day flowers

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