English Style Garden in Hudson Valley, New York


Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring, NY is a garden lover’s dream. Charmingly tucked within Clarence Fahnestock Park, this public garden offers 12 acres of breathtaking display gardens, including an English-style garden, a water garden with water lilies, cliff rock gardens, and more. The team at SendFlowers.com made the trip to this idyllic place for an afternoon stroll.

Below are scenes from these lovely gardens:
English Garden Wooden Fence Opening
Beautiful Plants from Stonecrop Gardens
Greenery from the English-Style Garden at Stonecrop Gardens
Delicate Garden Beauty
Plants and Flowers at Stonecrop Gardens in Coldstone, NY
Charming Path Between Lush Greens
Idyllic Path
Plants and an Apple Tree at Stonecrop Gardens
Plants at Stonecrop Gardens

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