Cheap Flowers For Those With A Tight Budget


When your piggy bank looks as sad as this little guy, flower delivery may seem like a luxury, but if you know where to shop and how to perform some basic research, you won’t need go-go-gadget arms to reach your #flowergoals.

Piggy bank for poor people who need flower delivery

Poor empty piggy! For all intensive purposes of this blog post we shall name said piggy Steve. Poor Steve, always malnourished and seeking more pennies.

Cheap Bouquets

Featured here are a few of our favorite cheap bouquets. None of these flowers will break the bank, or make Steve the piggy bank pout. Luckily for us in our modern world of computers and online shopping, we’re able to skip the travel expenses to the florists shop entirely. These bouquets are all purchasable online, minus the annoying sales person, and available for same day delivery. There are also a bunch of free coupons that you can use to pocket a bit more of that piggy bank change so that you can feed Steve appropriately!

Pink lilies and yellow roses

Cheap flowers from send flowers with yellow roses

We’re featuring this lovely pink lily bouquet first because at $33.99, it’s basically a steal. The lily is a classic flower and a great option for a birthday flower delivery or as a centerpiece for your event or a special occasion. Pastel flower bouquets are always popular this time of year and with yellow roses, pink roses, and pink lilies this pastel flower bouquet meets all of our price requirements and beauty needs. This bouquet can be ordered as same day flowers too, which is always an added benefit when we procrastinators need an emergency fix for that forgotten birthday or last minute thank you flowers gift.

White daisy and red rose bouquet

cheap flowers under 30 at send flowers com

We like this bouquet of flowers firstly because their cheap flowers, but also because it’s a mixed bouquet using roses. So many people love red roses which are a romantic flower traditionally. If you want to send roses because it’s your favorite flower but it’s for a non-romantic purpose, like flowers for grandma or flowers for mom(this is how we see them ordered basically every day), you reeeeally should send a mixed bouquet instead. You can still send roses same day delivery, but a mixed bouquet is a much more appropriate flower arrangement. Save the red rose bouquets or long stem roses for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. Also…hello? A 24 long stem roses bouquet? Expensive…just sayin’.

Purple rose bouquet

Cheap flowers in a purple rose bouquet from sendflowers

For all of you red rose fans that we just offended, calm down…Can you at least meet us half way and send a different color rose? This is a great option for cheap flowers and rose delivery, but it’s an appropriate color for absolutely anyone. Also purple roses are extremely popular right now. They look ultra chic and we swear to you they are every bit as luxurious as the red roses. Such a dreamy lavender flowers bouquet, it definitely sets a mood. Did we mention the price difference for these cheap flowers versus that full on red rose bouquet? Don’t forget that you’re responsible for keeping Steve the piggy bank full and content.

Yellow daisies and red carnations

Send flowers to someone for cheap with daisy delivery

We’ve included this yellow daisy bouquet for two kinds of people. The absolute penny pinchers & scrooges, and also for those of you who need to send flowers to someone that maybe you don’t like. You know what we mean, maybe it’s your colleagues birthday(the one you can’t stand who never cleans up in the kitchen). Everyone brings in gifts for each other, but you just want to order something and be done with it. This bouquet of flowers will meet your diabolical co-worker needs. For the scrooges, this is one of the cheapest flower bouquets you’ll find online, and once you use the free shipping coupon, it’s like you spent nothing. You’ll still get the fancy hand delivered, free personalized message card, and fresh flowers. This cute flower bouquet comes in at only $25.49 and with it’s plastic ribbons and clear little glass vase, it still makes for a super adorable bouquet with cheap flowers. This kind of money saving even makes Steve the piggy bank blush.

White alstroemeria and white lily bouquet

White alstroemeria and white lily cheap flowers

This white alstroemeria bouquet with white lily is one of our favorites of all of the thank you flowers. Even though these are cheap flowers, the way the flowers are arranged make it look very expensive. Lush greens and white flowers are wrapped in a circular pattern inside of the glass vase to make this flower bouquet look more like artful inspiration than a floral centerpiece. If someone helped you move, babysat your child, or simply ran a very important errand for you; why not reward them with a thank you flowers bouquet? It’s a very thoughtful way to let someone know that they are appreciated. Sometimes when you’re not expecting a gift and all of the sudden get a free flower delivery, it feels as though you’ve been rewarded in the grandest of gestures.

Classic dish garden

Classic dish garden with cheap flowers in basket

Last but not least we have a classic dish garden. There are many people who prefer plant life over their flower bouquet counterparts. If you need a plant delivery these cheap flowers come in a lovely gift basket and will have a more extended life than most flower bouquets. Also a great option for someone who may be more likely to have sensitive allergies, or for a colleague who works in a tight workspace with other people. Most people enjoy fragrant flowers, but when you’re sharing a workspace it’s not always the best option. This plant delivery is an excellent middle ground.

If you made it to the end of this post, then thank you for reading, and enjoy a free flowers coupon on us! Not only can you get your cheap flowers, but you can skim a bit more off the top. Just make sure to share the wealth with Steve the piggy bank. Just enter in the below at checkout for 20% Off your flowers delivery!

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Send flowers by saving money in your piggy bank

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