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When it comes to anniversary gift giving, we know a little bit about what she wants. The first thing of course, being that you remember when your anniversary is. Big surprise there I’m sure! The second is this, it is the one time of year that she is definitely expecting flowers from you. It’s true that as a flower delivery company we feel comfortable telling you to send her flowers for any occasion, but even we have to admit that there are other gifts to pick from for Valentines Day, Christmas, and her birthday. With that said though, your anniversary is the one time of the year that without a doubt, you should be giving her flowers. Not only are flowers just traditional anniversary gifts for delivery, but there is a designated flower type for the amount of years that you’ve been married and shared your lives together. Don’t be surprised if she’s waiting for her flower delivery and actually has in mind the exact flower by year, that she’s expecting to receive from you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. wouldn’t be very nice of us to present you with a problem and then no solution to that problem. We have created this very nifty Anniversary Flowers By Year list that you can use if you don’t know what flower year your relationship is currently in. Use that anniversary list if you want to send the specific flowers for the number of years married.

For those of you who plan to completely disregard that, and by the way, we do understand. Here are 10 other anniversary flower bouquets that people purchase and love to send as their “wifey flowers“. If you’re wondering why anyone would take the risk of sending the wrong type of flower for their anniversary year, don’t be. Some people know without a doubt that their wife wants anniversary roses every year, and other women have a favorite type of flower whether it’s a lily, daisy, or orchid. If she hasn’t made a request or expressed a blatant interest in a particular type of flower, then definitely use the anniversary flower list, however if she has made a request then give her the flower breed that she wants.

Also a helpful hint, just because she asked you for a necklace, or dinner at her favorite restaurant, or for a new tech item she wants – that doesn’t mean she’s not expecting the flowers. She’s expecting you to bring the flowers WITH whatever her request was. Trust us, we know.

Rose Carnation Bouquet

anniversary gift delivery red rose and carnation bouquet

What’s better than a red rose bouquet for the wife? A red rose bouquet that uses red carnations to look just as beautiful and at almost half the price, that’s what. This rose delivery for your wife is an excellent flower delivery choice. It’s a top selling flower delivery and an inexpensive rose bouquet. The most ordered same day anniversary gift delivery online is red roses. We know that even though there are many anniversary flowers to represent your year of marriage, many of you will choose red rose gifts anyways. That’s fine and we are here to help! Order away.

Wife Pink Roses

White daisy pink rose bouquet for anniversary gift delivery

Pink roses for the wife are another popular anniversary gift delivery choice every year. This anniversary gifts delivery comes with pale pink roses, traditional white daisies, pink alstroemeria, and white statice. Most of these anniversary deliveries are available for same day flower delivery too which is great is you waited until the last minute to take care of things.

Wife Flowers And Balloons

Anniversary gifts delivery and white lily bouquet with balloon

Trying to pick between anniversary flowers and wife balloon bouquets? Why bother? Just send anniversary gifts delivery together with this joint flower and balloon combo. A white lily bouquet is delivered same day with a red mylar balloon that says I Love You. Could you send a clearer message expressing love? I mean yes, maybe, if you sang outside her office window in public with a mariachi band then plausibly yes. Are you planning to do that? We didn’t think so. Send flowers to her today and she’ll still know how much you adore her!

Red Carnation Rose Bouquet

Anniversary gift delivery red carnation bouquet

A red carnation bouquet with roses is striking and full of wonderful fragrance for that lovely lady in your life. This rose and carnation bouquet, though priced the same as the previous one, has a different shape, glass vase, and use different greens. With a variety or mini red carnations and large full sized red carnations and touches of rich red rose, this anniversary bouquet is full-bodied and luxurious. Plan a same day flowers delivery or schedule a delivery ahead of time and surprise your wife.

Luxury Rose Delivery

Large rose bouquet and anniversary gifts delivery

This large rose bouquet, make that huge rose bouquet, is a true luxury flower arrangement delivery. This isn’t an anniversary gift for the newly weds who are lovey dovey in love with the open world awaiting their arrival. No, no, this luxury rose delivery is for the woman who dealt with you not leaving your shoes next to the door, or forgave you for running over the planted flowers in the yard, and forgave you for eating all the cake in the refrigerator without sharing. Sound like your wide? Yeah you better send those roses. You sound like an absolute handful, but hey, she obviously loves you a whole lot now doesn’t she?

Pink Anniversary Flower Bouquet

Pink lily anniversary gifts delivery from send flowers

We already told you how red roses are the most ordered bouquets for anniversaries, however pink lilies and pink roses are right there in second place. This is our favorite pink rose pink lily bouquet for anniversary gift delivery. It’s the shoppers favorite choice too. It technically does still have red roses in it, just a few, but the different types of pink flowers are just fun. send your wife pink roses instead for something fun and different then the typically rose delivery. It’d finished with a cute pink bow and just like all of our other gifts online, is hand delivered straight to her front door.

Rose Plant Delivery

Red rose bush anniversary gifts delivery

Some people go all out with their anniversary roses and skip the rose bouquet for a complete rose bush delivery. We think that’s actually pretty cool. Not only are you giving your wife flowers, but these flowers will keep growing and she gets to enjoy them for a long time. Our recommendation is if she has a green thumb, send her the rose plant delivery featured here. If she kills all of her plants – sigh – then perhaps a rose bouquet is best for bae. Don’t judge her too harshly, we all have our own talents. Not every lady is a floral goddess. Did you hear our hair flip? Yep.

Only Roses Bouquet

Cheap rose delivery anniversary gifts delivery

Before you ask why we’re featuring yet another red rose and red carnation bouquet, take a closer look. This is a red rose and mini red spray rose bouquet. That means all of the flowers in this arrangement are legitimately red roses, however by using red spray roses you can once again avoid that expensive rose delivery price. If money is tight and you want to send your wife roses only, consider this inexpensive rose bouquet. this anniversary gift delivery comes with a glass vase and is filled out with layers of roses and pittosporum greens.

Calla Lily Luxury Bouquet

Huge flower centerpiece and building flower centerpiece

Don’t be fooled by the photo. This calla lily arrangement in huge, wait make that massive. It’s looks smaller because we have to shoot it that way to get it to fit here. You need a bit of backstory on this call lily bouquet. This delivery was originally intended to be an office flower delivery and possible a flower centerpiece for hotel greeting rooms etc etc. However it’s order so frequently as anniversary flowers that we changed its category completely. This now anniversary gifts delivery is one of the most requested large flower deliveries from our anniversary section. We have so many questions left unanswered. We would love to know if the women are asking for calla lilies or if their spouses just like this impressively huge floral arrangement. Either way we are happy to send them for you. A top rated flower delivery and huge bouquet, this calla lily delivery is a 5 star bouquet any day.

Vera Wang Arrangement

Vera Wang flower bouquet anniversary gifts delivery

If you loved that huge lily arrangement but it’s out of your price range, then consider taking a gander at this Vera Wang flower bouquet. You know the designer Vera Wang don’t you? Well of course you do. By sending this lavender bouquet, your sending a legitimate designer flowers bouquet for your lovely wife, and it won’t cost you the hundreds of dollars that some of the luxury flower bouquets cost. Designed by Vera Wang this beautiful arrangement has red roses, lavender carnations, fuchsia orchids, lavender lisianthus, and comes with a swirl design glass vase. We particularly love the color block affect of using lavender flowers and red flowers together. It’s a strong design that somehow still manages to emit serenity and calm. I guess that’s why Vera is making the big bulks! Keep up the good work Vera Wang. #fanforlife

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