11 Absolutely Stunning Flower Photos


Beautiful Flowers Photos

We figured it’s been Summer long enough now that some very new and interesting beautiful flowers photos should have popped up for us to scour and share. After an extensive and long search into several new flower photos and flower photography media sites, we discovered these photogenic flowers.

Beautiful Pictures of Flowers

All of these photography shots of flowers are unique is some aspect whether it’s the lighting, hue of the flowers, the care that someone took of flowers, or simply because they were unusual and striking. Share these beautiful pictures of flowers with friends and let us know which are your favorites!

The venus fly trap


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/Kirt Edblom

Behold, the venus fly trap. Famous for it’s snapping jaw and also because of the infamous villain Poison Ivy, this lethal little plant was shot so beautifully we had to include it. Admit it, it’s beautiful and if you didn’t know what it was, you would probably put your face right in it to take a whiff. This venus fly trap photo was one of our top favorite choices for this beautiful flowers photos post.

White daisy photography

White daisy flower arrangements and white daisy photographyPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/anguskirk

The obvious choice for white daisy photography, these white daisies at the nave of Winchester Cathedral for the 2013 Flower Festival are simply divine. White daisies cover the entire floor and set an almost ethereal mood. How many bouquets of daisies would you have to order to fill a space like that? We shudder to think.

Yellow roses photo

Bee garden with red roses and yellow rosesPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/sevendipity

This busy bee garden display featuring yellow roses and red roses was an absolute must for our beautiful flowers photos list. We’ve been working in flowers for years now, and this was a brand new take on the term “bee garden”.

Sunflower photography

Gorgeous sunflower photography photo at send flowersPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/skyseeker

During our search beautiful sunflower images were plentiful, but this one stood out amongst the hundreds. Not only are these sunflowers really beautifully shot, but the natural setting they’re in and the rich colors throughout made this sunflower photo a true luxury for the eyes. Now that’s a sunflower arrangement we’d like to work on.

Tulips garden photo

yellow and red tulips photo at send flowersPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/nathanhamm

We checked out everything from tulips garden images to where tulips grow to find interesting photos, and this tulip garden photo stuck us as different. This was taken in Mount Vernon WA. The difference between the vivid tulips and the slightly darkening sky puts a flowers struggle to survive into perspective. Of the many pretty tulip pictures we liked this one best.

Images for lilies

Orange lily photos from send flowers onlinePhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/dyhna

We fell in love with these orange lilies. Of the lilies there were so many lily images to pick from, but this striking orange lilies photo hit home. Lilies already require great care, but these enriched and bright hued orange lilies required some love, and we can appreciate that. Simply gorgeous. We tip our sun hats to you dear gardener.

Weird flowers

Weird flowers and unusual flowers from send flowers onlinePhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/moriza

What are these weird flowers? We don’t know, but they’re unusual flowers and unique flowers with very interesting roots and stems. These unusual looking flowers struck our fancy because even though they aren’t necessarily beautiful flowers, we couldn’t help but stare.

Purple plants for the garden

Uk Garden photos and beautiful purple flowers photographyPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/ukgardenphotos

These purple flowers in a UK Garden were must features for us. This wooded area is packed to the brim with gorgeous purple flowers for the garden. It’s a real place, but it’s so lovely it’s seems surreal. We wanted to show pictures of violet colored flowers, and this was a top choice. This garden looks like a place where magical things happen.

Purple roses

Lilac coloured roses and cheap flowers from send flowersPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/andrewdallos

Purple roses and lilac roses will always be a house favorite. They’ve always been popular, but the orders for purple flowers has greatly increased even within the last year. Purple flower photos were bountiful, but this purple flower bouquet was everything we could’ve hoped for.

Climbing red rose varieties

Red rose tree and red rose bush climbing a wallPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/cheesy42

This red rose plant photo was chosen because of it’s bold white background and quaint setting. This beautiful red rose photo features a rose plant that’s climbing a wall in Great Wishford. Red roses can be hard to grow and someone has taken great care of these lovely ladies.

White calla lily photo

Single calla lily photo or single white calla lilyPhoto courtesy of Creative Commons/Flickr/andrewdallos

This white calla lily photo was simply stunning, featuring a rich green background and single white calla lily. A calla lily bouquet is one of the few flower arrangements that always manages to look pristine and exact, while looking richly exotic. We looked at several white calla lily photos and this one reigned supreme.

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